5 things to check before you go on a road trip

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Road trips are a great way to travel. However, these trips require careful planning and preparation as they can take several hours or even days. To make the most out of the experience, you should check that your car doesn’t have any problems that could lead to an unwanted accident.


It would be challenging if your car’s battery ran out after making a short stop for food. That is why you should check your battery, the charging system and belts before you take a long trip. If you have a hybrid car, fill the tank with gasoline in case something happens with your car’s battery.


Long trips may require you to drive at night, and doing that without functioning headlights could result in a severe accident. However, headlights are not the only lights that must work when taking your trip. You should also check your brake lights, emergency flashes and interior lights.


When tires are worn out, underinflated or bald, they can blow out or lose their traction. This could have serious consequences when driving at high speeds on a highway, which is why you should always check the following before getting behind the wheel:

  • Tire pressure
  • Tire tread
  • Balance and alignment
  • Tire rotation

If you don’t know how to identify if your tires are in good condition, your mechanic should check them. You must also check the condition of your spare tire, as you would need to use it if you get a flat tire on your trip.

Floor mats

Improperly installed floor mats can also cause serious accidents. When a floor mat is not placed correctly, it can interfere with the driver’s operation of the vehicle by not allowing them to break or accelerate properly. Verify that your mat is in the right place before heading out, and if you have a mat that is too big for your car, change it.

Wiper blades

Wiper blades are necessary when there are bad weather conditions or when something stains your windshield, in which case your vision of the road ahead would be blocked. Check your wiper blades by turning them on. If they move in both directions and are quiet and smooth, they are in good condition. However, if they get stuck, leave dirt streaks or make a loud noise while they drag across the glass, you need to change them.

On the road

Once you have checked that your car is good to go, you can start your trip. However, checking your car may not be enough to prevent accidents. Never use your cellphone or eat while driving. You must also avoid driving while drowsy at all costs. If you get tired or hungry, you can always make a stop or change drivers. By checking your car and staying alert, you can ensure a fun trip without inconveniences or hazards.