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Confidentiality and non-compete agreements are used by employers to prevent employees from revealing trade secrets or from working for a competitor after the end of the employment relationship. When disputes about these agreements or other parts of an employment contract arise, it is imperative to have an experienced commercial litigation attorney on your side.

At Mitchell Shapiro Greenamyre & Funt LLP, we draw on our decades of legal practice to help businesses throughout Georgia protect their interests with non-compete and confidentiality agreements. Guided by firm founders Ken Shapiro and Richard Mitchell and their more than 75 combined years of experience, our team of dedicated advocates handles all aspects of commercial disputes so that our clients can focus on what they do best — running their businesses.

Non-Compete Agreements

Our attorneys are able to create and assess non-compete agreements and make sure that the terms of these agreements are followed. In order for these agreements to be valid, they must meet certain criteria in regard to geography, duration and scope of work. In assessing these factors, we ask questions such as:

  • How long do the employment restrictions last?
  • What types of jobs are restricted?
  • What industries are restricted?
  • How far do geographical limitations extend?
  • Is there a legitimate business interest for creating and enforcing the agreement?
  • Is a confidentiality agreement or clause involved, and how does it restrict employment?

By assessing the answers to these and other questions related to non-compete agreements, we are able to help businesses protect their significant investment in their employees, as well as confidential and proprietary information.

Confidentiality Agreements

Our Atlanta confidentiality agreement lawyers are able to draft, review and enforce confidentiality agreements. Our comprehensive services allow you to rest assured that your company’s proprietary information will be protected to the full extent of the law. Should an employee or former employee violate the terms of these agreements, we use our proven trial strategies to pursue the best legal outcomes for our clients.

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