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Fault and Medical Malpractice Cases
Careful crafted after analyzing need different industries that’s the design achieves great balance.
Catastrophic Accidents And Injuries
We fight for our clients who have experienced devastating injuries because of the negligent and wrongful acts of other people or companies.
Alternative Dispute Resolution
At Mitchell Shapiro Greenamyre & Funt LLP, we encourage alternative dispute resolution (ADR). In most cases, it is more efficient, effective and affordable for resolving…
Partner and Shareholder Disputes
We represent members of small and mid-sized companies, family-owned companies, partnerships, professional practices and stakeholders in large corporations.
Breach Of Contract
Our Atlanta law firm has gained repute among businesses and individuals for our commercial litigation abilities since 1997, and we are fully capable of managing…
Confidentiality & Non-Compete
When disputes about Confidentiality & Non-Compete agreements or other parts of an employment contract arise, it is imperative to have an experienced...

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