Motorcycle Accidents

Protecting The Injured After A Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycles are a popular form of transportation on Georgia’s roads, but there are undeniable risks associated with riding a motorcycle. Motorcyclists need to know the laws that apply to their preferred mode of transportation, and they need to have access to expert attorneys in case of an accident. Atlanta, Georgia-based motorcycle accident attorneys at Mitchell Shapiro Greenamyre & Funt LLP know motorcycle law.

Establishing Liability Under Georgia’s Laws

As with car accidents, liability for damages in motorcycle accidents is based on a variety of factors, including weather conditions, malfunctioning or poorly maintained equipment, the speed of the vehicles involved, and drug or fatigue impairment on the part of drivers. It is important for motorcyclists to follow the law closely to avoid losing a case following an accident. The best way to learn the law is by consulting local motorcycle accident attorneys.

Unlike some states, Georgia requires all motorcyclists to wear a helmet, regardless of age and experience. Studies show that wearing a helmet reduces the risk of a fatal head injury by up to 40 percent. It is also important for all Georgia motorcyclists to wear an approved helmet, since failing to do so could be grounds for losing a personal injury suit involving a traumatic brain injury. Atlanta, Georgia motorcycle accident attorneys with Mitchell & Shapiro recommend that their clients wear a helmet at all times.

Other important requirements include eye protection, which is required in the absence of a windscreen; daytime headlight use, which is required at all times; and refraining from lane-splitting, or passing another vehicle in the same lane, which is prohibited. Violating any of these laws may negatively affect the outcome of your suit. For example, defendants could claim that you were responsible for your own injury because you failed to take adequate precautions. Following all the appropriate safety and equipment guidelines is the best way to show clearly that your accident was not your fault.

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In some cases, defendants dispute claims even when it is clear they are at fault. If you find yourself in this situation, consulting with a motorcycle accident lawyer at Mitchell & Shapiro is the best way to make sure you get the most out of your case. Contact Mitchell Shapiro Greenamyre & Funt LLP to discuss your motorcycle accident. Our attorneys are standing by to defend your rights.

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